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Breaking All The Rules

Dedicated to my fans from the Fusion days. To those of you that just know of me from twitter, consider this my re-introduction.

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The New Music Industry: Same Formula, Different Variables

Why will a fan download an album and forego purchasing it on iTunes – an album that costs $9.99 – yet that same fan will spend $50, $100, even $200 for a close up seat to see their favorite musician live? Many will argue that the availability and convenience of

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10 Reasons You Should Promote Your Music On SoundCloud

I’m here to convince you all that it’s time to move to a platform that solves just about all the problems of song sharing and promotion and gives some added benefit “at the same damn time”. Introducing…. SoundCloud.

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Posted in Hip Hop, Mixtapes by DJ Brucki

The mixtape that promises to be the soundtrack to the summer. Sophisticated ratchetry!

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Brenton Brown Feat. Joe Budden & Jaiden The Cure – A Chick Named Music [Prod. By Black The Beast]

Now errbody knows I’m not a budden fan, but good music is ¬†good music and when Brenton Brown hit me with this track, the least I can do is post it. “The Brenton Brown Affair” is on the way….

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Dirty 30

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a gator grad. Back in my days of undergrad, our CaribSA was VERY active and threw some of the craziest club, club-house, and house parties and hosted a couple of the BEST CSA Conferences that I had the privilege of attending. A

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Jigg – So Hot [Prod. by T-Minus]

“You can blame this shit on my ego. Stay fresh head to toe, yeah, you already know!!” So Hot is @Jigg305′s first single off his upcoming mixtape, “HighGrade 2″. Look out for that to hit the streets some time this summer.

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Nick London – Molly Water

New single from Miami native, Nick London, produced by The R.E.G.I.M.E. Follow them on twitter @TheRegimeGroup & @NickLondonTV

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Trust No One, Get Nowhere

Trust… So many people go through life claiming they don’t trust anyone, but the fact is you won’t make it very far with that mindset. Trust is a necessity, not an option. U trust the ppl that make your food (I’m sure you don’t cook everyday). In everything you do,

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Posted in Mixtapes, Pop by DJ Brucki

My first ever pop mixtape. I’m always looking to venture into new territory. Let me know if y’all are feeling this one!

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