This is more so geared toward independent artists with little to no buzz. I’ll just get straight to the point…in no particular order of significance.

  1. They are unappreciative and ungrateful.
  2. They lack loyalty. All it takes is a DJ higher up the food chain to express interest and an artist will switch allegiance.
  3. They don’t value a DJ’s time.
  4. They don’t do research on a DJ to see how or if a placement is even beneficial.
  5. They have never made an effort to listen to a DJ’s tapes to know if their song is even a good fit.
  6. Most don’t even know the type of DJ they approach. Not every DJ works with independent artists. Not every DJ is a record breaker.
  7. The music biz isn’t a charity. ALL would love a slot for FREE. MOST feel like a DJ is trying to “extort” them by charging for a slot. (So far from the truth…)
  8. Shit aint FREE. It costs a DJ to put a tape out. We are justified to lower the risk and use familiar names to guarantee a tape will grow legs.
  9. They are LAZY. Even if an artist isn’t frugal, some will pay and never consider helping that DJ to push the tape. YOUR song is on it. You SHOULD want to push the product too.
  10. Most of the music is not up to par anyways.

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